roses and black spot


For 9 years I used some chemical pesticides and fungicides on my roses but this year I've stopped using them completely. Now I only use organic pesticides and vitalizing stuff ( such as charcoal acid, HB101, extract of garlic, ginger and chili ). Fortunately my roses have so far had very few problems with pests, white mildew or black spot.

I think black spot is what rose lovers are most afraid of and I used to use something called Triforine which is said to be effective agaist it. But luckily my roses have never had any serious problems. It's probably because I only choose roses known to be resistant. However my Iceberg does get a few black-spotted leaves every year. But it always produces fresh new leaves after the diseased ones have gone.
by michikosimon | 2007-07-17 16:33 | 英語 | Comments(0)
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