bucket shop バケツ屋さんではありません


d0086231_20452748.jpg ' bucket shop ' という言葉は British English らしいですね。タイトルにも書いたようにこれらの店はバケツを売っているのではなく、格安航空券を売ります。


' Budget-conscious travellers have long searched for bargains on airfare, both domestic and international. Options have evolved quickly with the rise of the internet, from using airlines' own websites or those of established travel agents to ticket consolidators and airfare sale websites. Another option that has recently risen back into popularity is the bucket shop. A bucket shop buys unsold plane tickets from airlines at significant discounts, then offers those tickets back to the consumer. However, there are many issues to consider before you decide to buy from a bucket shop. Read on to learn how to successfully buy your discount airline tickets and protect yourself from scams. '

 私もロンドンで航空券を買ったことが何度もありますが、多分 bucket shop からだったのでしょう。直接行ったのではなく、電話で買ったのですが、勿論電話帳に bucket shop などとは書いてはありません。これも又 never seen it printed の言葉です。
by michikosimon | 2008-07-10 21:05 | イギリスにて
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