listed building


d0086231_223653.jpg 右の写真は ' listed building ' の1つです。

listed building;
a building of historical interest in Britain, that is protected by a government order

 イギリス英語らしいですね。特に旅行をしているとあちこちで目や耳にする言葉です。写真は Highcliffe Castle という所です。listed building にも grades があって、これは ' Grade I ' のものだそうです。

' Highcliffe Castle is a Grade I listed building in the Romantic and Picturesque style of architecture.It stands on the cliff top with views to the Isle of Wight. Weddings are held in the conservatory, which seats up to 100 guests. '
by michikosimon | 2008-07-14 22:53 | イギリスにて
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