due to, because of と同じ意味ですが


d0086231_20535471.jpgdue to, because of;
as a result of a particular thing or of someone's actions


 でもこの ' due to ' と ' because of ' は意味は同じとはいえ、使い方が少々違います。簡単に言えば、' due to ' は ' slightly formal and often used in official notices or public statements ' であり、' because of ' は ' usually used in spoken English ' です。

 昨日書いた ' due ' の「客観的な基準を基としているという性質」を思い起こせば理解し易いですね。

All the flights into London Heathrow have been delayed due to thick fog.
She was very upset and it's all because of you.
by michikosimon | 2008-07-25 22:00 | イギリスにて | Comments(0)
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