sort of forgotten 「知らない」とは言いたくない


d0086231_2011248.jpgd0086231_20114177.gif さて下の引用部分は ' sort of ' が副詞として使われているところです。他にもあるでしょうが、私にとって印象的だということで選びました。少し長いですが、以前と同じくまずご自身の力で読んでみて下さい。

sort of;
(especially British English) used when you are not sure you are using the best word to describe something

( Christopher Robin は動物たちを率いて ' Expedition ' に出かけます。' the North Pole ' を探しに行く探検なのですが、彼自身 the North Pole が何かわかっていません。そこで途中こっそり Rabbit に聞いてみることになります。)

As soon as he had finished his lunch Christopher Robin whispered to Rabbit, and Rabbit said ' Yes, yes, of course,' and they walked a little way up the stream together.

' I didn't want the others hear,' said Christopher Robin.

' Quite so,' said Rabbit, looking important.

' It's - I wondered - It's only - Rabbit, I suppose you don't know. What does the North Pole look like? .......

' Well,' said Rabbit, stroking his whiskers, 'Now you're asking me.'

' I did know once, only I've sort of forgotten,' said Christopher Robin carelessly.

' It's a funny thing,' said Rabbit, ' but I've sort of forgotten too, although I did know once.'

' I suppose it's just a pole stuck in the ground?'

' Sure to be a pole,' said Rabbit,' because of calling it a pole, and if it's a pole, well, I should think it would be sticking in the ground, shouldn't you, because there'd be nowhere else to stick it.'

' Yes, that's what I thought.'

' The only thing,' said Rabbit,' is, where is it stcking?'


 2年程前やはりこの物語のこのあたりを引用して ' just ' という言葉の使い方の1例を紹介したことがあります。この Expedition の結末の部分もありますので興味のある方、どうぞ御参照下さい。
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