breakfast/lunch/supper 冠詞のあるなし


d0086231_11175475.jpgWhat did you have for breakfast today ?
We had some coffee and toast.

I've just eaten a big lunch.

 上の例のように普通に have lunch, go to lunch, have something for lunch, at lunch のように breakfast/lunch/supper を用いるときには「冠詞が要りません」。

 ところが2番目のように「 breakfast/lunch/supper に何か形容する言葉がつくと countable になって、冠詞が必要」になります。

d0086231_11181062.jpgI have a packed lunch on Tuesdays.

They don't usually have full English breakfasts.
by michikosimon | 2009-03-13 11:56 | イギリスにて | Comments(0)
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